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Excellence in Digital Film Scanning
and Expert Motion Picture Restoration

A Vital Part of Film Preservation

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A word by the owner, Professor Gerhard Bauer

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For more than 100 years, motion pictures have allowed us to record events as they appeared in real life, so we can revisit them, with the emotions and immediacy that only a moving image can convey.

Over the last decades, I have taught a large number of students the colorful, interesting, sometimes tragic but often also highly entertaining history of the motion pictures. At the same time, I also made them understand the precious and perishable nature of our film heritage. With every foot of film lost, we are losing a part of our history.

This site serves two purposes:

1. Education on how motion pictures were created and what technical finesse went into the making of movies on actual motion picture film.

2. Offering of services for the digital preservation and restoration of movies on film.

You may have a movie on motion picture film, but you may not be able to view it. Let us help you bring it back to life.


If we don't do it today, history in film may be lost forever.

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